Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Meal plan for this week!

Monday - Not So Chili Pasta - Sandi Richard, Dinner Survival, pg 42
Tuesday -  Pizza Night! - I took out my last ball of this pizza dough from the freezer
Wednesday - Hamburgers on BBQ - DH is at a course, so it has to be quick!
Thursday - Sweet and Sour Chicken (Pork, but I sub chicken) - Sandi Richard, Getting you through the summer, pg 54
Friday - Peking Chicken (in Rice Paper) - Sandi Richard, Dinner Survival, pg 66

...alternates:  I have a couple of alternates...due to last weeks meal plan fail :p (that course of DH's was last minute..and the meals I planned weren't quick enough).    My alternates are freezer meals, and I'm happy to have them in the freezer for whenever I need them!  Johnny Marzetti, and Honey Mustard Chicken.

So.... It's MONDAY!

Here's our dinner...I made it as written, except I used whole wheat bow ties...I left out the optional Parmesan cheese and butter...and..ummm....don't tell Sandi....but, Pickle was already in was just DH and I, and I didn't make the broccoli!

Here's a steamy picture of the whole pan....this is to feed 6...but, umm, with us it's going to feed 4  :D

 Here's DH's portion (I get a smaller portion....but...I did have to go back and nibble some leftovers...yum!)

Weight Watchers Points Plus - as calculated from the nutritional info in the book...
6 servings = 12 points each    6 points each! based on recipe builder
4 servings = 18 points each    10 points each!

Hmmm...I think this is inflated a bit...  I find the WW points plus can be a little wonky if you just use nutrition info rather than putting your individual ingredients in... I will probably use the recipe builder to calculate some time and update this post.

The remainder is packed up for our work lunches tomorrow....I can't wait for lunch tomorrow!   This was seriously EASY!!!   and TASTY!!!

I love you Sandi Richard....  I really love you.....

I just recently bought the two newest books from Sandi,  Dinner Survival and Eating Forward...I can't believe she got a book out, and then another one without me knowing?!?!  Wow...I've been so off the ball the last 2 years!  (still using a bunch of recipes though...just not being a good meal planner.

I have to say it again...  Oh Sandi Richard....why do I ever stray from you?!?.....

I'm linking this up with Menu Plan Monday on the I'm an organization Junkie blog...  same blog that I'm trying to follow the decluttering with...and I just bought the Clutter Rehab book on kindle...   I hope I link it right!

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