Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Handspun Shorties

I got my spinning wheel for Christmas.... I LOVE it!   One of my major goals was to be able to spin yarn to make shorties and longies for Ruby.   This is the first pair....and I love them!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunshine Shorties!

I'm working on diaper covers for summer for our little girl.  
We cloth diaper and I like to use wool covers because they are the most breathable and coolest option.   She gets terrible rashes if she wears disposable diapers when it's hot outside...and even if she's wearing some polyester types of cloth diapers.   
She seems to do best with the simplest cotton diapers, and wool covers. 
The wool gets washed with lanolin (from sheeps wool naturally, but can be removed during processing...).  Lanolin makes the wool sort of waterproof, and it's also self cleaning.  

There is a long chemical explanation for this, but I'll just give the very simple one.  Urea from baby pee, mixes with lanolin to form a type of soap.  Remember fight club...  lye + fat = soap... well... lanolin + pee = soap :)     and..they're waterproof-ish

 This style is available for custom order.  They can also be made without the ruffle at the legs, and can be longer (pants instead of shorts) style.

This is the large size... on a 11 month old girl..  very tall, very thin... They're quite baggy and are fitting over our bulkiest prefold diapers.  The fit is nice this way in my opinion...they'll fit her for a long time.

I'm so pleased with this pair...I love them, I really love them!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toy Bags!

I wanted some simple toy bags, to keep things from being ALL OVER EVERYWHERE!
found this cute fabric in my stash...I've had it forever....I can't remember if it was my moms...or if it was given to me by someone else.  I had some pink stuff too that I made PJ pants out of years ago (we're talking 10 years ago!)
I didn't even pull out the iron.... I just cut...  yep..that's right...I just cut right on the wrinkle folds...I'm risky like that
This first one I folded over and hemmed (but still in a lazy way)...the others I just ran a zig zag around really quickly... much better.   Folded over about an inch at each end and stitched it down.. I didn't measure...  :)
Here is the first one... semi-hemmed and with the 1-inch folded at stitched at each end.
Right sides together....stitched the sides closed.... NOT stitching through the folded over casing at the top
Turned right side out....still not ironing....these are quick quick nap time sewing...
Found some elastic in that box too...score....threaded it on my yarn needle and ran it through the casing at the top of the bag....
Just tied it in a knot....   these bags stay sort of open...but drawn in enough to keep things from falling out too much.  I wanted little 11-month old hands to be able to get things out :)
All done....time to organize!

Perfect... a place for all those little people!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Super Simple Tea Towel Lunch Bag!

Our little Miss needed a bag to take her snacks in to church nursery on Sunday...and I realized that I'd left some leaky stuff in hers :(  oops... So..  I quickly whipped up this new one from my favourite (but a little stained) tea towel!
 It really IS super super simple!  All I did was fold it in half, and stitch up the sides, as if you were making a flat bag.   Then I made little box corner, like a flat bottom paper bag.
 The whole thing was super flopsy!  So I just stitched up each of the corners, there are no seams there...I just did it to add some structure, so it would keep it's shape.
 Then I used my very loved snap pliers, and applied some plastic snaps to the top...so it's a snap close lunch bag.
 Worked perfectly!!!   and...bonus...  it's a really thick and absorbant tea towel...so if there is a bit of a spill, it will likely soak it up...plus...it will be a little insulating, because of the thickness. 
 Now I just wish that the shamrock picture wasn't upside down...but the whole bag is a little too short to make that a fold over.  Oh well. 
Made this one have a fairly square bottom... for low wide food containers and such... I don't like having to put containers on their sides, so I usually like a big base on lunch bags.

This would work best with a long thin towel, that way there would be more of a fold over top..and a little more of a traditional lunch bag shape, but this one is working just great for us.  :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just sold

I just made a sale for this card!   My listing was of the second photo, and I got a message asking for some ribbon, and maybe a bow tie to be added.  The first photo is what it ended up like.  I love the additions!  Especially the top hat.   It was great to have some feedback and be able to give someone just what they wanted.   I'm so happy about this sale!  The final photo is kindof blurry because I had to use no flash, it a dark room (rainy)  but it was the best one.   Cute right?