Friday, July 22, 2011

Meal plan? week!

Well,  Monday's meal plan was perfect!

Tuesday we ended up having the second half of our Swiss Chalet family not meal plan, but leftovers!

Wed and Thursday, my DH suddenly had a course to take in the that left us with super quick hot dogs for Wednesday...and grab your own for Thursday (he had chunky soup...I had an english muffin with YUM strawberry rhubarb jam and PB).

Now... today is Friday!!!  and there is only one meal on this weeks plan that wasn't a freezer meal easily moved to another week... That is the Beef and Snowpea stir tonight, we're having that..

It's going to be goooood!   I use the recipe from Sandi Richard's Cooking for the Rushed "Getting you through the summer"  This is the book that is out of print...and I'm a little sad about that...but...I have a copy!

It's actually a beef chow mein recipe, but this super super simple stir fry sauce is soooo delicious, and it's such a simple meal that I use it for any beef veggie stir fry (except beef & broccoli....I do something different for that...and I use noodles instead of brown rice)

I will hopefully remember to take a pic later...and add it to this post :D    ....annnnd I already have next weeks meal plan made up, and shopping is done, plus the extra freezer meals if we need easy days.  We're set!

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