Saturday, July 30, 2011

Declutter: Sideboard and kitchen towel progress!

I threw away a big bag of garbage...packed up some little baby bottles (I'm not throwing them away...cuz we want more babies! and they cost money).  

After - one plant gone, a bunch of things put away and a place for the papers that need sorting
Before - baby cupboard
After - seriously...the sterilizer was still in there...haven't needed that in months!  This is all we still use! (other than the counter bottle station stuff...but that should go soon-ish too! I don't have a before picture for this...but...the calendar was here... I moved it to the front hallway to start on our "command centre"  and now I have place to hang the towels... seriously...this makes my heart sing!  The towels have been constantly falling on the floor.   Falling, or being pulled down by a little cutie!  So, we constantly have so many towels out, because we never know which one is for hands, which if for counters, which is for dishes, and which ones are filthy from being dropped on the floor and played with!
I know...our towels are dirty looking...well.. they are coffee stained... that's another thing on the list...
Had these command hooks in the junk drawer...sweet!   I love it!  It's making me ridiculously happy!

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