Saturday, July 16, 2011

Menu July 18-22

Menu plan complete! 

Monday:  Amazing Chicken Stew w Rice - Sandi Richard's Cooking for the Rushed "The Healthy Family"  I use green pepper in place of the veggies in her recipe, and we use brown rice... Yum!

Tuesday:  Johnny Marzetti w Cheesy Noodles - I only had 5 oz of egg noodles...but otherwise the recipe is's in the freezer waiting for us!

Wednesday:  Honey Mustard Chicken, with peas and corn - All in the freezer...just waiting for us to BBQ :):

Thursday:  Homemade pizza.  This pizza dough is in the I'll just need to roll it out, add sauce, toppings (hello bacon! and hopefully we'll have some red pepper by then),  and cheese!

Friday:  Beef Stir Fry with Snowpeas .....  I still need to pick up some steak for this, but we've got LOADS of snowpeas from our garden that need to be eaten, or frozen.   I use the sauce recipe from Sandi Richard's "Getting you through the summer" book, it's the Beef Chow Mein Stir-Fry with Rice recipe on pg76.  So tasty!!!   I LOVE this's smaller...and I don't use all the recipes...but the ones I use, I love a lot!  I'm sad that it's out of print... I wonder if those recipes will be added into something else sometime.

There it is!   My first "Back to Work" meal plan.... hopefully this week will be better, and I won't hand my DH a can of Chunky Stew and say "here's your dinner".   ..

Really, I should plan out next week while I'm at I can combine my grocery trip....hmmmm....

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