Thursday, July 28, 2011

Declutter: Front hallway progress

Before:  This gets regularly cleared and cleaned...but ends up looking like this at some point everyday... I SO want a place for these things to go..and belong!

So..this is actually the first thing I did...but it's not complete...because I think it requires a purchase that we don't have the money for right we're making due...
Plus...if my plan just turns out to be another place for clutter to settle...then I don't want to have spent money on something that makes my problem worse!   So...this area is "on trial".   This lovely artists what I imagine it looking like
I figure I can set up the stuff on the wall above the makeshift tv tray console table...and see how it goes...if we have some success...and a little extra cash...then I hope to get a table something like this one from doesn't have legs..with space underneath it for summer's pretty close to what I was looking for...I wish I was handy enough to build :(
Oh...and here's another small victory...The cupboard above the microwave...The cooking oils are up there (because that's one of the only places that is tall enough) and all our reusable water bottles and coffee travel mugs.    It doesn't look that bad in this before picture...but often  the mugs are falling all over the place because they're too packed in to stand up properly... 


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