Friday, January 27, 2012

Operation baby!

So,  tomorrow marks 3 months until my due date with baby # 2.    With baby #1 I had great intentions of having a freezer full of food...and...I had some...but...not a whole lot.   There was a lot of pizza, and take out of other varieties...  wonderfully appreciated meals from friends and family, and then Superworks...which was wonderful also.     But!  This time I would really love to have a LOT more food stored away.

Thanks to one of my good friends for giving me the kick in the pants the other day to's about now that I can start cooking and storing.    She offered to cook for us!  and help build our freezer stash! this my an incredibly generous offer....   energy is limited... I'll never finish this on my I have encouragement...  and ...!

So...I must get at it.    Any favourites?  Anything you love to freeze?   I'm not into beans :(   I'm a comfort food kinda gal.... meat, cheese, carbs...oh yeah!   (wait...I'm supposed to have veggies in there too right?)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yarn Harlot!

Yes that's right....tomorrow night, I get to go see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak here in London!  I'm so excited!  Now if I could just kick all this illness so that I'm well enough to go.

Even better!  There were cancellations for her classes... (I think I was 6th on the waiting list a month or so ago), and today I got a call that I have a spot in her classes as well!)   So..  my dear sweet amazing husband is sending me off for both classes.  Isn't he wonderful! I just have to pick out which yarn I'll take with me....goodness me!   How to choose!  ...I know it's just for the class...but... for some reason this seems like a huge decision!

Taken by Stephanie, and put on her blog...I'm wearing her knitting belt, it was wonderful!  Really..I want one!
Stephanie speaking on the Friday night

yarn wrapping for tension while lever knitting...don't want to forget this!

ugg...swollen preggo pasty skin girl!


What an amazing...fabulous...wonderful...spectacular time it was!  I loved it... Stephanie rocks! already knew that!

Look!  Look!  I made her blog!    Seriously...nothing could have tickled me more than this!   

Oh... Stephanie personally helping me pick out yarn for my striped scarf was pretty close...or...being taught to lever knit by the Harlot herself!  ...  really though... I'd be a bashful liar if I said I was totally ecstatic about a picture of me being on her blog :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hubby's pick

Just in case you were wondering....this is the warmer that my dear husband chose.... tee hee...   it's for his bathroom...   how cute...  (they also come in baseball, soccer, and basketball)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scentsy Independent Consultant

That's me!

I'm officially a Scentsy Independent Consultant!   ...and I love it!  I love all the new stuff I've tried out, and I'm completely in love with my "Blizzard" warmer (the warmer of the month for December).

Here's a link to my website, where you can browse, buy, contact me to host a party...or,  hey!  Join Scentsy through me and be a consultant too!

Here's a picture of the Blizzard really does glow like puts little snowflakes of light on your walls, it's beautiful!   .... I love it..and my house smells soooooo good! a hazelnut latte!

Image credit: Scentsy