Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to work! Meal planning needed!!!

Well, I went back to work this week...   and I had seriously overestimated my desire to cook a meal while adjusting to the new life schedule... of daycare, work, dinner...etc...

So, I DID do a meal plan...but that involved me actually COOKING on those work nights (I'm actually only working 3 days a week now)... so... that cooking did not happen was I thinking?!?!?!

Freezer meals are in order.  So, I've got to really get back to meal planning, and planning ahead for those "there's no way I'm cooking tonight" days... 

I used to be so organized with I'm just not.

I started a Pinterest account.  And I'm going to start using it to get organized with my meal planning...I just wish that I could somehow pin up my Sandi Richard meal recipes etc too....because really.... Sandi Richard, Why do I ever stray from you?

So, here goes... perhaps I'll start posting a wee bit on what's working for us....

That is all for now...I really must go actually MAKE some food for the freezer!

Oh... I'm SillyDaisy on Pinterest :D

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