Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have a plan...and I'm so excited!

I have a plan for a bible reading quilt for my sweet Ruby.    I'm going to get my favourite bible verses for her printed on fabric from Spoonflower.  Then I'm going to make them all into a nice scrappy quilt alternating fabric with verses printed on it, with fun pretty fabrics.

I had a whole other plan...that involved the whole thing looking like a bible, and folding up and velcroing shut to look like the outside of a bible...but... I have decided on this idea..and I think it's going to be not only cute..but easier than my other crazy but difficult plan.

So... as long as photoshop cooperates with me (more like my horribly slow laptop cooperates with photoshop) then I'll be able to get all those verses picked out and printed....

the hard part will be the wait for the fabric to be printed and sent to me...I want to do it NOW!!!

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