Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Meal Plan!

Soo...I've still been meal planning...but I've been doing it a little differently.    We really found the need with me going back to work to have everything planned out and organized so that we both have access to our calendar all the time!   So, I've gone back to using the google calendars.   I just made another calendar in a different colour, and I'm planning my meals on my google "meal plan" calendar now.  It's wonderful!   I love that I can just drag and drop the meals to rearrange them if we switch nights, or if for some reason we don't use one meal I can just drag it to the next week (assuming it's a pantry/freezer friendly meal).

So, anyways.   Our meals for this week are again super simple

Monday - Swiss Chalet leftovers (yes please!)
Tuesday - Tacos with fixins
Wednesday - Honey Mustard chicken with Peas and Corn
Thursday - Harold's birthday!!! Woot!  Ordering in food of his choosing (likely Chinese from Dragon Boat)
Friday - Beef and snow pea stir fry on brown rice (yum...still garden snow peas that I froze)

I'm still decluttering too...although I kindof fell off that horse for a bit.  Now, I'm back to motivated and I've done a fair bit this week.   Silly though :(  I forgot to take pictures..... ... bah!  I can't believe I've posted our super humiliating before pictures for all the world to see!...  It's OK..I know.... no one reads my blog ....hahaha....

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